Set up dependencies on particular branches

Git allows to ease software development by using branches. During the development of the whole model it could happen that you have dependencies to particular branches of other modules. You can specify those dependencies also in the XML configuration files, for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Configure which parts of the Two!Ears model should be started -->

    <TwoEarsPart branch="master"
    <TwoEarsPart branch="feature1"
    <TwoEarsPart branch="feature1"
    <TwoEarsPart branch="master"

The startTwoEars function will then check if you have all the modules checked out at the correct branches. Of course you have to have git installed in order to use this feature. Even if you are using only the master branches you are encouraged to use the branch setting as it ensures that other people testing your code are also using the master branch and not another one.


Under Windows it is most likely that Matlab complains that git cannot be found in the system path, when executing startTwoEars. To fix this you have to add git to your system paths, see for example this tutorial.

The startup entries are functions that are looked for in the Matlab path and executed by startTwoEars. If you want to include not only a folder, but also all of it sub-folders to the path you can replace sub by sub-all.