Binaural simulator

The Binaural simulator enables the creation of binaural audio signals for different situations. This is done via the usage of HRTFs or BRIRs, which are provided in the Database. All the needed data will be downloaded on demand from the data repository via a http connection. The next sections will help you to get started with the Binaural simulator by defining and simulating your own acoustic scenes with it.

For all its calculations the Binaural simulator uses the signal processing core of the SoundScape Renderer which is written in C++ and provided via a MEX-file to Matlab. If you have problems with the provided MEX-files, see the Advanced installation for how to compile them yourself. If you have trouble during the installation, don’t hesitate to write a mail to the Two!Ears mailing list.


The Binaural simulator is developed by Fiete Winter from Universität Rostock, and the rest of the Two!Ears team.