Add your own processors

To write the class definition for a new processor such that it will be recognised and properly integrated, one has to follow these steps:

The Auditory front-end framework has been designed in such a way that it can be easily upgraded. To add a new processor, write its class definition in a new .m file and add it to the /src/Processors folder. If correctly written, the processor should be automatically detected by the framework and be ready to use. This section documents in details how to correctly write the class definition of a new processor. It is highly recommended to look into the definition of existing processors to get a grasp of how classes are defined and written in Matlab. In the following, we will sometimes refer to a particular existing processor to illustrate some aspects of the implementation.


  • The following descriptions are exhaustive, and adding a processor to the framework is actually easier than the length of this page suggests!
  • This tutorial is written assuming limited knowledge about object- oriented programming using Matlab. Hence most OOP concepts involved are briefly explained.
  • You can base your implementation on the available templateProc.m file which contains a pre-populated list of properties and methods. Simply copy the file, rename it to your processor name, and follow the instructions.