Auditory front-end knowledge source: AuditoryFrontEndKS

This knowledge source integrates the Auditory front-end into the Blackboard system. The Auditory front-end itself is a self-contained module and this section focuses on its integration within the framework.

The Auditory front-end knowledge source is connected to the blackboard and the robot interface by registering itself in the system via BlackboardSystem.setDataConnect. Upon construction, the Auditory front-end dataObject and managerObject are instantiated and connected to the robot interface ear signals stream. The maximum invocation frequency of the AuditoryFrontEndKS is set to infinity. Execution mainly consists of getting the latest chunk of ear signals data, processing it through the Auditory front-end, and notifying a KsFiredEvent.

Other knowledge sources can register requests with the Auditory front-end indirectly, through inheriting from the AuditoryFrontEndDepKS class (see Section Auditory signal dependent knowledge source superclass: AuditoryFrontEndDepKS, and binding to it’s KsFiredEvent.