Windows 7 64bit


First you have to ensure some prerequisites:

  • get SoundScape Renderer (location will be denoted as SSR_DIR)

    git clone SSR_DIR
    git checkout origin/win64 -b win64
  • add SSR_DIR\3rdparty\win64\bin to PATH environment variable (HOWTO)

  • get MinGW 64bit, location will be denoted as MINGW_DIR

  • get MSYS, location will be denoted as MSYS_DIR

Compile MEX Binaries

  • edit SSR_DIR/mex/Makefile and set the MatlabROOT to the location of your systems Matlab

  • edit or create MSYS_DIR\etc\fstab and add mounts for MINGW_DIR and SSR_DIR

    MINGW_DIR    /mingw
    SSR_DIR      /ssr
  • start the shell by executing MSYS_DIR/msys.bat

  • switch to directory and compile sources

    cd /ssr/mex/
  • open Matlab and add SSR_DIR/mex/ to Matlab-path using pathtool or addpath

That’s all, now you should be able to use the Two!Ears Binaural Simulator.