List of commands

This section sums up the commands that could be relevant to a standard user of the Auditory front-end. It does not describe each action extensively, nor does it give a full list of corresponding parameters. A more detailed description can be obtained through calling the help script of a given method from Matlab´s command window. Note that one can get help on a specific method of a given class. For example

>> help manager.processChunk

will return help related to the processChunk method of the manager class. The following aims at being concise, hence optional inputs are marked as “...” and can be reviewed from the specific method help.

Signal objects sObj

sObj.Data(:) Returns all the data in the signal
sObj.Data(n1:n2) Returns the data in the time interval [n1,n2] (samples)
sObj.findProcessor(mObj) Finds processor that computed the signal
sObj.getParameters(mObj) Parameter summary for that signal
sObj.getSignalBlock(T,...) Returns last T seconds of the signal Plays back the signal (time-domain signals only)
sObj.plot(...) Plots the signal

Data objects dObj

dataObject(s,fs,bufSize,nChannels) Constructor
dObj.addSignal(sObj) Adds a signal object
dObj.clearData Clears all signals in dObj
dObj.getParameterSummary(mObj) Lists parameter used for each signal Plays back the containing audio signal

Processors pObj

pObj.LowerDependencies List of processors pObj depends on
pObj.UpperDependencies List of processors depending on pObj
pObj.getCurrentParameters Parameter summary for that processor
pObj.getDependentParameter(parName) Value of a parameter from pObj or its dependencies
pObj.hasParameters(parStruct) True if pObj used the exact values in parStruct
pObj.Input Handle to input signal object
pObj.Output Handle to output signal object
pObj.modifyParameter Change a parameter value
pObj.remove Removes a processor (and its subsequent processors)

Manager mObj

manager(dObj) Constructor
manager(dObj,name,param) Constructor with initial request
mObj.addProcessor(name,param) Adds a processor (including eventual dependencies)
mObj.Data Handle to the associated data object
mObj.processChunk(input,...) Process a new chunk
mObj.Processors Lists instantiated processors
mObj.processSignal Process a signal offline
mObj.reset Resets all processors
mObj.cleanup Cleans up the list of processors