Offset strength (offsetProc.m)

Similarly to onsets, the strength of offsets can be estimated by measuring the frame-based decrease in logarithmically-scaled energy. As discussed in the previous section, the selected rate-map parameters as listed in Table 24 will influence the offset processor. Similar to the onset strength, the offset strength can be constrained to a maximum value of ons_maxOffsetdB = 30. A list of all parameters is presented in Table 26.

Table 27 List of parameters related to 'offset_strength'.
Parameter Default Description
ofs_maxOffsetdB 30 Upper limit for offset strength in dB

The offset strength is demonstrated by the script DEMO_OffsetStrength.m and the corresponding figures are depicted in Fig. 30. It can be seen that the overall magnitude of the offset strength is lower compared to the onset strength. Moreover, the detected offsets are less synchronised across frequency.


Fig. 30 Rate-map representation (left panel) of speech and the corresponding offset strength in decibel (right panel).